Direct Hair Transplantation is a new technique in which hair grafts are taken from bald resistant area and placed in a special hair pen then plant in bald area under the skin with no requirements of punching holes.
In DHI method, since hairs are directly planted under the skin projecting the desired direction, no bleeding occurs and the next day shower can be taken.
Within a week time, it heals completely.
DHI is recommended for dense hairs, beard hair and eye brow hairs.
Differences between FUE and DHI
Number of hairs can be planted in a 1 centimetre square is 3 times more in DHI than FUE. For instance, say, 40 hairs can be planted in FUE whereas 120 hairs is possible in DHI.
In FUE, as it is required to punch holes on the skin of skull, clotting will decrease the hair growth percentage by 10%. On the other hand, since DHI method involves in Choi pins (hair pen) which directly plants hairs under the skin requiring no prior punching holes, the hair growth percentage will be higher.

• No cut
• No stitch
• Beard hair can be transfered to skull hair
• No need for hair cut for women
• No bleeding
• No deficiency
• No mark at all
• More dense harvest feasibility
• More natural look
• Easier to put hairs in a desired direction
• More graft
• Shorter healing period
• No waiting between two operations