This method is taking the hair roots one by one with special punches of 1 mm, 0.7 mm or 0.8 mm suitable for the person’s hair structure without any surgical operations and transferring them into the Hair Implantation area. The daily operation takes 7-8 hours with the FUE method because the hair is taken one by one. Thus, FUE is an expensive technique which takes a long time. The distinct superiority of the FUE method is not leaving any traces in the area where the hair is taken at the back part. The importance of it should be considered for people who want to have their hair cut very short and use that way.
Hair roots on the chest and back can also be used for hair plantation
Hair roots in the other places of the body can also be transferred to the head with the most developed hair implantation method called FUE method. These hair roots have the same properties with the other hair on the head skin they are planted. In other words, for example, the hair roots transferred from the chest to the head grow as normal hair here.
The first planted hair fall at the end of the first month and start to grow and get longer after 2-3 months, in both methods. There is no probability of hair loss because the permanent hair on the nape is used. The hair grows in the same color and character because it belongs to the person himself. Moreover, not only the amount and way of taking of the hair but also the direction of the planted hair and the neutrality of the front hair line are as important as the amount of hair.