What is hair Mesotherapy?
It is the Mesotherapy application on the skin in hair and hairy skin problems.
It is the most effective treatment method in problems such as hair loss, increase in splitting’s, matt and weak appearance of the hair.
To whom is it applied?
It is made on people who complain about hair loss, in cases when the hair loss increase seasonally and in cases which the hair looks lifeless, matt and weak.
It is done in case when the hair is exposed to stress (fohn with a long period, frequent dying…). Hair Mesotherapy does not enable the lost hair to grow again. It enables the protection of the existing hair. A relative increase is felt in hair after the application, it is not a situation because of the growth of new hair but it is because of the perception of hair as dense because it looks healthier and more vivacious.
How is it applied?
The person’s physical features and his / her existing hairy skin are examined in a detailed way. Mesotherapy mixture suitable for the problem and the person is prepared. The application area is disinfected, the Mesotherapy mixture is given to the hair roots with small needles, with spaces of 1 cm. Cold compress is done during the application and the feeling of pain is eliminated.
After the application, an ampoule of vitamin medicine is broken and it is applied to the Mesotherapy area with fixation.
How many sessions are practiced?
Hair Mesotherapy varies according to the situation of the person with intervals of 7-10 days but it is usually applied as 3-7 sessions. The change in the hair is immediately recognized after the application.
1 session of hair Mesotherapy application in a month for protection is enough and necessary.
How are the application results?
The application in which the results are seen immediately is hair Mesotherapy, among the Mesotherapy applications.
Liveliness in the hair, decrease in hair loss, brightness of the hair, decrease in splitting, the strands’ getting strong are immediately recognized 1 week after the application.
Suggestions after the application
Swimming in the sea or pool is objectionable after the application (2-4 days). After the application, the instructions of the doctor about the care and washing of the hairy skin should be understood and practiced carefully.