About Ozone Gas

Ozone is a chemical compound forming of two oxygene atoms. Whereas oxygen, which provides the continuation of our lives and which we call air consists of 2 atoms (O2), ozone consists of 3 atoms. It ia called O3 chemically. Ozone is one of the most important gases in the atmosphere. It is found in the stratosphere layer 10-40 km high from the ground. The ozone layer in the atmosphere filters the dangerous rays of the sun and it prevents them to reach the world and it enables the biological balance to be protected, the reason of the blue color of the sky is the ozone layer. The importance of the ozone layer for the life in the world was learnt with the scientific studies in the recent years and the people are continuously warned about the use of the products damaging the ozone layer.

When the Oxygen (O2) is found at an environment with high energy, it seperates the atoms, when the seperated atoms form a structure with 3 atoms the ozone compound forms. In short, oxygen with high energy is called ozone. What is smelled at the high places and on the sea shore after stromy weather and natural events like lighting is the smell of ozone. It forms the ozone with 3 atoms being exposed to high energy after the natural events like lighting.

The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun break the ozone and they form the oxygen (O2) compound while they pass through the ozone layer, it is the iar we breathe in the oxygen on the earth.

Ozone is a gas which has no colour at the room temperature, and it is heavier than air. The name ozone comes from the word ‘’ozein’’ which means ‘’to smell’’ in Greek.

It was discovered by German chemist C. .F. Schönbein in 1840.

Effects of the Ozone Gas

Ozone has a very strong killing effect on very small living things called microorganisms. It prevents the life and reproduction of organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi which are generally called microbes. It is the most effective disinfectant substance known with this feature of its. It has more than 3000 times effective than chlorine, with this feature of its. 1 gr of ozone kills the harmful organism in 1 ton of water in a few minutes. Thanks to this feature of its, it is used in the disinfection of water.

It has deodorizing effect. It is very useful in the cleaning of the air with this feature of its. It enables the various molecules in the environment to disintegrate and vanish. It is useful for the protection of the colours, smells and tastes of the food. Ozone is used in many fields today becaue of these effects of its. Generally, its usages except medicine;

Cleaning of the water: It is used in the cleaning of various waters such as industrials waste, underground spring waters, swimming pools, drinking water and it enables the waters to become useable, natural and drinkable.

Cleaning the air: It is commonly used for the cleaning of every kinds of environments because of its effect on the microbes and odour.

Cleaning the environment: It enables to eliminate the conditions which can be harmful for the human health in the plants and facilities within the food sector and places within the health sector such as hospitals and surgery rooms.

Food Production: It is very useful for the various products produced industrially in terms of being healthy and everlasting. Purifying the products used in the production of meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits etc. of germs, cleaning them from the chemicals which can be very harmful for human health, the protection, providing and continuity of the features such as colour, smell and taste are actualized with the help of ozone.

Industrial Ozone

Industrial ozone is formed with mixing the ozone (O3) gas obtained from the oxgygen (O2) in the air in the atmosphere and the air and its main uses are the sterilization of the water network of the city and chemical bleaching process, everywhere in the world.

Medical Ozone

Medical ozone is obtained from pure medical oxygen, making the ozone / oxygen mixture at the required concentration and dose with electric discharge. Its concentration corresponds the ozone/ oxygen concentrations varying between 1-100 microgram / milimeters (µg/ml) between %0,05 O3 / %99,95 O2 ile %5 O3 / % 95. Since the ozone molecule is not stabile its medical form is always prepared in the clinic by a special generator (Ozone Generator Devices) freshly and it is applied to the patient immediately. Because, half of the ozone molecules turn into oxygen molecules 1 hour after its production and only the half of the original mixutre is left.

What is Ozonotheraphy?

Ozone gas has been used for more than 150 years in medicine for the treatment of illness, for making the immune system stronger, enhancing the life standards and other intentions in Europe, Asia and America. The healing, supporting applications made using the ozone gas are called ‘’ozonotheraphy.’’ Ozonotheraphy is not a method of alternative medicine. It is used as complementary or main treatment method. Thanks to the scientific studies increasing in the recent years, the features of ozone are understood better and it was clinically propounded that it could be successfully used in more diseases.

Life is not possible without oxygen, at the same time, becoming healthy, recovery, becoming energetic does not actualize without oxygen. The amount of oxygen in the cities we live decreases below 21 % and to take enough oxygen just because we breathe is getting harder. Situations like smoking, air pollution, stress, life without motion and unhealthy nutrition cause the toxins accumulate, all these reasons increase our body’s need of oxygen. Insufficent oxygen lead up to chronic weariness, early aging, decrease in the resistence mechanism, easily becoming ill and diseases such as cancer. Changing the environment we live in and creating healthy life areas are some of these methods.

Ozonotheraphy is the strongest treatment method known, providing the oxygen for the tissues and cells in our body oxygen they need in the most effective way and eliminating the toxins.

History of Ozonotheraphy

in 1785- Martinus Van Marum found the existence of ozone for the first time in the world.

in 1840- The ozone gas was determined by the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein and it was used on people.

in 1856- Ozone’s effect of killing the microbes was understood and it was used in the disinfection of the tools used for the patients.

in 1860- The use of ozone for eliminating the unwanted odour and taste and obtaining drinking water started, besides cleaning the water microbically.

in 1915- Dr. Albert Wolf started to cure gangrene and war wounds with ozone in the World War I.

in 1990- Dr. Bocci scientifically proved how ozone strengthened the immune system.

Beside the use of ozonotheraphy in medicine for more than 150 years, interesting results are taken every day.

Beside the special hospitals just practising ozonotheraphy in the countries such as Germany, USA, Cuba, Italy, Russia, Britain, Malaysia and Brazil, there is the special Professorship of Ozonotheraphy in Italy.

Effects of Ozonotheraphy

Ozone has many features which do not exist in oxygen.

.In addition to the increase in oxygen in the body, it eliminates the bacteria, viruses and fungi thanks to its strong disinfectant feature.

.It moves the immune system in a very eefective way, strengthening of the immune system increases people’s resistance against diseases, it prevents catching new diseases and it helps the treatment of diseases.

.It enhances the cell metobolism and it provides energy and liveliness.

.It increases the production of the substances struggling against cancer in the red blood cells.

.It increases the flexibility of red blood cells and their capacity of carrying oxygen and it enables the oxygen to pass through the thinnes veins easily and reach the cells. It increases the amount of oxygen carried to the tissues.

.It reduces the density of blood, it enhances the blood circulation, it stimulates the formation of new veins, it reduces the lipids and sugar in the blood,

.It reduces the petrochemicals (pesticides, medicine waste, acidid substances) in our body with its detox feature.

.It is antineoplastic. (It prevents the division of quickly growing cancer cells and their dispersion).

.It makes the production of hormones and enzymes normal,

.It provides a cleaner, softer and younger skin,

.It relieves depression and anxiety,

.It oxidizes the adrenaline and it provides a general calmness,

.It helps to relieve the stress because of depression,

.It deactivates the free radicals which are responsible for aging and the regular working of many functions in the body, increasing the antioxidant (struggling against free radicals) capacity.

So, ozonotheraphy is quite active in the prevention and treatment of more than 100 diseases, solving the problems of insufficent oxygen, free radicals and weak defense system, which are the origins of many diseases.

In which situations is ozonotheraphy used?

Ozonotheraphy applications are very secure applications which can be used in healthy people and in the illness periods of people.

Ozonotheraphy application in healthy people

Our industrializing world brings many harms threatening the life and live organisms such as air pollution, water pollution and unhealthy food. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat contain many substances which can be harmful for us. Although these harmful substances are tried to be removed by the excretory organs of the body, wastes called toxins stay in our cells and tissues to create various problems for us.

Stress is like the common problem of all people, no matter they work or they do not work. The people’s not having enough spare time for resting and fun looks like the source of the problems. When we question them, we see that everyone has some distresses about their houses, families and relatives or earthbound or inner problems.

Many people sleep insufficently. Often, although the sleep time is enough in terms of time, people do not wake up as rested. When they wake up in the morning, they frequently feel themselves tired and not rested.

Chronic fatigue, not being able to enjoy life, stress and various findings of body and headaches brought by the modern age into the daily life are because of insufficent oxygen and the accumulation of toxins; it is possible to get rid of these findings which are the rpoblems of daily life thanks to ozonotheraphy.

Detoxification (purification from toxins): Removal and disarmament of varous chemical and biological waste entered into our body because of various reasons can be enabled with ozonotheraphy. It enables the removal of the substances called toxins, forming in our bodies which are live organisms as metobolism waste, beside what we eat and drink an take as medicines, and they enable us to gain and protect the health.

Anti-aging: Taking back the aging and its effects and becoming more healthy and lively both bodiliy and spiritually are among the benefits of ozone. This effect bcemoes possible by the excretion of the free radicals, reviving the hormone system (reactivation) and generally gaining the health of the cells, thus the general health and sustaining it.

Aesthetically: Ozone treatment can be benefical for weight problems with the effects it creates in the human body. Moreover, flexiblity and tightness are provided and cellulite problem can be solved especially by the revival of the skin cells and their rejuvenation, thanks to the oxygen with high energy, which is the feature of ozone.

Feeling Good: It is the fact expressed by almost all of the people who have ozone treatment. Oxygen with high energy enables people to feel fit and healthy. It is not a false feeling, it is a situation which also continues after the treatment.

Strengthening of the Immunity, increase in resistence: One of the benefits of the ozone on healthy people is providing the continuation of the healthy situation of these people. Not only the possibility of catching various infectious diseases is diminished, it is also possible to recover from the diseases catched in a short time, thanks to the increasing body resistence and strengthening immunity system.

Elimination of Chronic Fatigue: The situation of continuously feeling tired and exasperated, which is the common problem of many people today, can be eliminated with the help of ozone Chemical reactions causing fatigue are prevented, with the effect given by ozone. People can get rid of these problems of theirs without any changes in the work and life tempo, with the effects to the blood and circulatory system.

Elimination of the aches: Healthy people also feel aches because of various resons, without being ill. Aches occur in different parts of their bodies in a day. Its reason may be fatigue, stress or another factor. These aches do not occur and the existing pains are eliminated, with the effect of ozone.

Ozonotheraphy application in diseases

.In almost all of circulatory disorders and embolisms in brain, heart, arms and legs, in skin lesions such as nonhealing or hardly healing wounds, burns, eczema, fungi, dermatides and cutaneous disease.

.In the treatment of cancer: Ozonotheraphy is quite successful as complementary in patiens having cancer. Thanks to its effects of protecting and renewing the cells, it increases the damaging effect of chemoteraphy and rediotheraphy on the tissues with cancer and it largely eliminates the negative effects of the medicines.;

.It is used in the prevention of diabetes and problems depending on it, and in their treatment;

.In rheumatic diseases and various joint and muscle diseases;

.In various diseases of the intestines such as ulcerative colitis and chron disease;

.In neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer, Parkinson and neuropathies;

.In varous viral infections such as hepatitis A,B,C, herpes and HIV;

.Almost in all geriatric (related to old age) problems;

Ozonotheraphy application is very safe and effective application in cases of findings of insufficent oxygen and toxin accumulation going on with chronic fatigue, not being able to enjoy life, stress and various bdy and headaches.

Ozonotheraphy Application

In ozonotheraphy, ozone is not given to people with respiration, like oxygen. Because if it is breathed as pure, with its strong oxidation feature, it causes irritation after a certain dose. However, ozone is easily absorbed from the skin and tissues. So, ozonotheraphy is usually done with the ozonation of the blood. For the ozonation of the blood, some blood is taken from the person, the blood is ozoned with ozone generators and it is given to the patient back.

The method, frequency and dose of ozonotheraphy can vary according to the person and the disease. It is applied in 10 sessions as 3 times a week, with the general approach, sessions are continued when necessary. Ozonotheraphy application is quite easy and it takes very short time, the person can return to his / her social life after the application.

Ozonotheraphy Application Methods

1-Major Autohemotheraphy: It is the main application method Approximately 100 cc blood is taken from the veins of the person and it is put into vacuumed bottles and it is ozoned with ozone gas in the concentration and it is given to the patient back. The application time is 20-30 minutes.

It is used in the ozonotheraphy of healthy people and the treatment of diseases.

2-Minor Autohemotheraphy: Approximately 5 cc. of blood is taken from the vein of the patient and it is mixed with ozone and it is injected into the muscle. Its application time is 5 minutes.

With this method, non-specific activation of the immune system is done; it is used in allergic diseases and generally in strenghtening the immune system.

3-External treatment (Bagging): It is the process of giving gas taking the hands, arms, feet and legs into a bag. This method is very effective in the treatment of the ulcers, open wounds, lesions forming after operations, shingles (herpes) and infected areas.

4-Intramuscular application: Ozone gas is injected into the muscle with special injectors.

5-Intraarticular application: Ozone gas is injected into the joints with special injectors.

This method is applied to the joints with inflammatory diseases (it can be applied in arthritis, recurring artrosis and general pathological hardnesses).

6-Rectal application: Giving the ozone gas into the intestine with the rectal way.

This method is usually indicated in the inflammatory diseases of the intestines, however, it is recently used for general health and getting lively because it is less invasive.

7-Transdermal ozonotheraphy: It is providing the absorbtion from all skin, giving gas into the sauna.

On which people ozonotheraphy is not applied?

The situations in which the ozone application cannot be done are extremely limited;

Application is not done

On the people who have the disease called Favism (GL-6-F Lack of Dehydrogenesis Enzyme), going on with the lack of an enzyome in the red blood cells,

People who drink too much alcohol,

Hypertyroid (on the people whose thyroid gland works too much)

On the patients with advanced anaemia or blood diseases (Hemophilia, bleeding clotting diseases etc.),

Chronic and repeating pancreas gland inflammations (pancreatides),

On some patients with newly-developed heart infarction, in situations like brain paralysis where the bleeding actively continues,

On the people who are allergic to ozone or have intolerance against ozone (it is a very rare situation and it rather forms in intolarances against odour).

Ozonotheraphy application is not done on pregnant women in the first trimester.

Detailed examinations and investigations are done before the application, the patients need to inform the doctor about their ilnesses and the medicines they use, before the application.

Do not forget to talk about the medicines used and the special diets practised with the doctor before the application of a form of ozonotheraphy, even if they ended recently. You should give these up only with the suggestion of the doctor. Your doctor should also be informed about the hereditary diseases, allergies and other complaints and how they were cured in the past or how they are being cured.

Results of the Ozonotheraphy Application;

Ozonotheraphy actualizes most of its medical effects on these 2 mechanisms:

1-Increasing the blood levels

2-Regulating and strengthening the immune system

Why is the increase in the oxygen level of blood important?

Oxygen is very important for the brain.

Brain cells (neurons) which take a lot of oxygen start to produce a lot of energy. So, their metobolism advances, their interaction with each other intensifies. Brain cells start to secret the ‘’happiness hormone’’ endorphine. So, we feel more joyous, more energetic and more alive. It not only a feeling, we really become more energetic and alive. Since the brain manages all of the vital happenings in our body, brain health is the basis of our health. As long as the brain cells work well under the effect of plentiful oxygen, the body activities they manage get well. For example hormonal mechanisms start to move. As it is known, all hormonal systems in our body are managed by the brain. With ozonotheraphy, the deteriorating warning systems repair themselves. Even the regulation and refreshment of the immune system mainly happens in accordance with the effects above, beside the direct effects. Because, there are also ‘’receiving’’ molecules in the cells of the immune system, just like the brain cells. Increase in the metobolism of the brain cells also stimulates the immune system in an positive way, and the immune system gets stronger

As a result;

Indications such as fatigue, unwillingness, insomnia, insufficent energy, difficulty in concentration, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and panic attack get well.

The body becomes stronger against disease factors.

Forming infection becomes harder for the viruses and bacteria. Chronic infections recover quickly after ozonotheraphy.

We don’t easily get tired during daily activities.

Indications such as insomnia if we have insomnia or excessive sleeping if we have excessive sleeping recover themselves.

Moreover, circulation gets better after ozonotheraphy, thanks to the increase in the fluidity of blood, heart and vein diseases, vessel stiffness and similar diseases quickly get well.

Before and After the Ozonotheraphy Application

Ozonotheraphy application starts with medical examination. All system examinations are done in details and the diseases, medicines used, personal and familial disease stories are examined.

Blood analyses are made in order to evaluate the blood table.

Ozone application is done after the examination, the application will last for approximately 5-10 minutes.

After the ozonotheraphy application, the person can return to his / her social life.

In some cases, the suggestions of the ozonotheraphist on nutrition and other topics are communicated.


Only the permitted biocosmetic and dermocosmetic products suitable for the use of the doctors are used in Medical Aesthetic Clinics. Cosmetic program is suggested in accordance with the needs, after the examination of the doctor. The dermocosmetic products used answer the needs of the skin and they enhance the quality of the skin besides their help to the treatment program.