Human Skin
Our skin has a great job to do protecting your body, so it’s made to be tough and stretchy. There are three main layers of the skin.
• Epidermis is the top layer of the skin, the part of the skin you see.
• Dermis is the second layer of skin. It’s much thicker and does a lot for your body.
• Subcutaneous fat is the bottom layer.
Your skin’s top layer, the epidermis, is super thin on some parts of your body (your eyelids) and thicker on others (the bottoms of your feet). The epidermis is the layer of skin in charge of:
• Making new skin cells
• Giving skin its color
• Protecting your body
Why I have to take care of my skin?
Your skin is constantly protecting you. Your skin keeps infections outof your body and keeps you from getting sick. When you take care ofyour skin, you’re helping your skin do its job. And taking care of yourskin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and evenskin cancer.
One simple way to take care of your skin is to keep it clean. Clean skin is healthy and strong skin and can do better performance.
Aging and Anti-aging
As we age naturally, new cell growth slows and the healing of damaged cells is less efficient, cell DNA is changed and so the new cells coming through are also damaged.
As a consequence, the amount of collagen and elastin are decreased, the areas in and around our cells hold less water and so our skin looks and feels increasingly dry, saggy and wrinkly.
The rate that this all happens is influenced by our:
• Age
• Diet
• Genes & hormones
• Pregnancies
• UV exposure
• Health, and if we have been ill
• Lifestyle, including if we smoke
• Skin care routine – lack of or the type of products we have chosen.

Why and how we get wrinkles?
Wrinkles form as the skin loses its elasticity from the reduction in collagen production. Irregularities form in the dermis because there is less water being retained in the epidermis and these “lines” over time become wrinkles as the collagen fibers are slowly worn down until they break and permanent lines appear.
Skin care treatments:
We have three different techniques of skin care in Doctors Beauty Center and all procedures and treatments are done by skin care specialists.
Normal skin care
This quick 15 minute skincare treatment is gentle enough for your skin yet effective enough to kill bacteria and aid healing in the skin. We begin by washing away any impurities on the surface of the skin, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove buildup of dead skin and bacteria; next blackheads will be removed followed by a mask if required. Our skincare specialist will design a homecare program to keep the skin in good condition.
Focus skin care
During this 30 minute treatment we focus on extracting blackhead build up. This is useful for an oily skin or if you are prone to open pores. We advise against blackhead removal at home as this can often lead to marks and blemishes on the skin. This is a quick treatment ideal if your main concern is blocked pores.
AHA & BHA skin care
Uniquely formulated to reduce the visible signs of ageing, this excellent exfoliating treatment will dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles and improve tone. A unique blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrators soothe and smooth the skin to reveal brighter, softer, healthier and younger-looking skin.